Bhopal: Sharad Yadav condemns removal of SPG cover of Gandhi family

BHOPAL: I strongly condemned the removal of the SPG cover from the Gandhi family, done by the NDA government, this family had given three Prime Ministers and two martyr PM, said the ex-Union minister Sharad Yadav, while talking to media here on Friday.

The leader talked on various issues of NDA government and of Madhya Pradesh government.

On Ayodhya verdict he said that the people should respect and honour the verdict, “In the history of civilisation, only one book is written to the people, for the people and by the people- that is Constitution and all other books are religious book, and our country runs on the Constitution.”

He claimed because of demonetisation and GST, around 3.50 crore people became unemployed, “All sectors real estate, automobile among others have received huge setback. The GDP which was 9 percent had dropped to 5 percent.”

He also stated, “The BJP is disrespecting public mandate in Maharashtra, they should realise that the people had not given them the mandate.”

On the working of MP government he said, “When I was coming from my village to Bhopal, in the way I saw only cows sitting on the road and truck and dumpers laden with sand.”

He alleged that in the state the government had changed but the situation is still the same of the old government.

He alleged that the river Tawa is dying, because the ground water level is decreasing day by day and the reason behind the cause is illegal sand mining.

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