Centre must lessen traffic fines: Maharashtra govt puts Motor Vehicles Act on hold

The Maharashtra government on Wednesday wrote a letter to Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, saying that traffic fines prescribed in the new Motor Vehicles Act have raised public outcry.

In the letter, the state government has requested the Central government to reconsider and reduce the traffic fines by making suitable amendments in the central Motor Vehicles Act.

The Maharashtra government has said that it will wait for a reply from Nitin Gadkar and put the implementation of the Motor Vehicles Act on hold.

State Transport Minister Diwakar Raote said, “The fines are way too high and beyond the limits of common people. People cannot pay so much fine.”

He also said, “We have asked the Central government to lessen the fine. Till the time we get reply, we will wait and not implement the new fines. Once we get the reply and it is negative, we will decide our future action.”

Diwakar Raote added, “After a detailed discussion, we came to the conclusion that the fine are too much to pay for common people. If someone is already fined, they can approach the court. We have asked the Central government to rethink and revise the fines.”

“There is a lot of discussion going on about the new traffic rules. One thing is clear that old fines were very less, therefore others could easily break rules,” Raote said.

He also said, “However, people are not liking the new traffic fines. People are not happy at all with the fines. The fines are very high.”

About Gujarat slashing the traffic fines, Raote said, “They have recommended and not implemented. We are not increasing any fines nor implementing new ones. We will wait for Centre’s reply.”

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