Congress’s social media blitz

The tagline of the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party campaign, Laaj Kashi Watat Nahi (How, they are not ashamed) seems to have reached every household through TV channels and newspaper ads.

The brain behind the campaign is a war room set up at the Congress’s office in Dadar, Mumbai, led by Nagpur-based IT and social media expert Abhijit Sapkal, the nephew of the late Congress leader Shrikant Jichkar.

In a break from Congress culture, a well-equipped, in-house production unit, as well as social media team, is working in the war room in two shifts. Each member has been given a data sheet of two Lok Sabha constituencies.

“We have developed a voice message of state president Ashok Chavan, who talks to people asking them whether they would like to join Congress,” said Sapkal. “This is an automated voice call. Those who agree to work for the party at booth level are contacted by the social media team.”

The Congress’ booth-level workers have been tasked with taking the party’s manifesto as well as the government’s failures to the people. “This propaganda helps woo voters towards the Congress,” Sapkal said.

He claimed that Congress has the best war room compared to that of the BJP and Shiv Sena.

“The campaign tagline ‘Laaj Kashi Watat Nahi’ is an inhouse production. Everything from scriptwriting to selection of actors, shooting and post-production has been done in our office premises,” Sapkal says.

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