Crackers reduced this Dussehra with eco-friendly Ramleelas across the city

Not just the people but the Ramleela committees also are going green this Dussehra. After a ban on the selling of crackers with high pollutants content, the green crackers replaced the splendour and grandeur of Ravana Dhahan.

Earlier, a chain of fireworks followed the opening and closing of Ravana Dhahan but most major Ramleelas remained eco-friendly.

At Nav Shri Dharmik Ramleela, the two effigies consisted only sound effects and smoke effect to give the crackers effect. However, the Ravana effigy consisted only green crackers and a fourth effigy was solely made up of single use plastic to highlight the importance of single use plastic as a demon which needed to be wiped out.

According to Rahul Sharma, one of the organisers, “We have not used crackers in the Kunbhakarna and Meghnatha effigies. We only used green crackers in the Ravana effigy. However, we’ve used a symbolic sound effect in the remaining two with the smoke effect. A symbolic fourth effigy made only of single used plastic has also been placed to aware people of the disadvantages of single use plastic.”

At Shree Dharmik Ramleela, an LCD screen was placed to show the impact of crackers and their sounds. However, despite the awareness, crackers still made their way to RK Puram, Narela in outer Delhi, Luv Kush Ramleela, Pashchim Vihar in West Delhi and most of the Gurugram ramleela used normal crackers, although in less numbers.

Even at Dwarka and nearby areas, crackers have been used. PM Modi was also present at one of the Ramleelas in Dwarka.

According to Sarita Sharma, a resident, “I think Ravana Dhahan is symbolic to the triumph of good over evil and it must be a pledge to weed out plastic. Delhi is already fighting against pollution and it’s everyone’s responsibility to enjoy a pollution free Ramleela.”

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