Despite Hrithik’s Unconvincing Act, ‘Super 30’ Deserves to Be Seen

However, circumstances conspire and Anand has to give up his dreams and take care of his family when his father suddenly passes away.

One can’t help but be moved by Anand’s plight.

Now, a film set in Patna that’s documenting the social and economic struggle of someone with a lot of aspirations but not enough resources, needs a certain degree of authenticity.

In this department, while the ensemble cast is terrific, Hrithik’s lavishly applied bronzer and a now-there-now-gone accent are distracting.

Pankaj Tripathi, an absolute magician in front of the camera, transforms himself yet again as a slimy smooth-talking politician. His scenes with Aditya Srivastava, who plays the coaching centre head, are arresting and engaging.

Virendra Saxena as Anand’s loving father and Vijay Varma as one of his ex-students who has grown up, are particularly fantastic.

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