Old J&K Bypolls Video Shared as Angry Mob From Phase 1 of LS Polls


With just a day to go for the second phase of polling in the Lok Sabha elections, a video alleged to be from the first phase of the polls has been doing the rounds on social media over the past week.

The video shows a mob damaging and burning an EVM, claiming that the faulty machine was only polling for the BJP, irrespective of the button chosen by the voter.

The message along with the video read: “आज भारत में प्रथम मतदान हुआ मतदान कर्मियों का कहना है कि EVM की कोई भी बटन दबाओ भाजपा के वोट हो रही थी

लोगों ने आक्रोश होकर EVM तोड़फोड़ किया आग जलाकर लोगों ने कहा कि लोकतंत्र की हत्या चुनाव आयोग से हो रही है

यह हुई ना बात ,,यह सब साले मिले हुए हैं”

(Translated: Today was the first phase of polling in the Indian general elections. Polling agents claim that irrespective of whatever button you choose, the vote is going to the BJP. People got angry and began to break the EVM and burn it. They said that democracy was dying at the hands of the Elections Commission.).

The video has been shared several times on Facebook over the past week


The video is old and the claim along with it is misleading. A reverse image search of the key frame from the video led us to a blog by one Syed Mansoor Agha, where a still from the video was used with the headline “Bypoll in Srinagar speaks of Modi’s failure”, indicating that the video was from Jammu and Kashmir.

(Photo courtesy: Screenshot from the blog)

Further, the still had a date stamp on it, which specified that the video was from 9 April 2017.

When we reverse searched the still again, this time with the keywords “bypoll Srinagar 2017 burns EVM”, we chanced upon an NDTV article from 12 April 2017, which showed the same video as the one that is now viral.

According to the NDTV article, the video was from the by-elections in Srinagar, which witnessed a lot of violence amid a boycott call by separatists.

The polls had reportedly seen a very dismal turnout of just 7 percent, with the EC ordering re-elections in as many as 38 polling booths across the Srinagar parliamentary constituency.

This claim has previously been debunked by BOOM and India Today.

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