Onion crop stolen from farm in Madhya Pradesh

After the theft of a truckload full of onions worth Rs 20 lakh, a fresh case of onion robbery hs come to light. Onions have become such a pricey commodity that thieves have now started skipping on stealing cash and have turned their attention to unsuspecting farmers and onion traders.

A farmer in Richha village in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh has lodged a complaint that unknown persons have stolen onions from his farm. As per the farmer, the quantity of the stolen onions was about 6 quintals worth around Rs 30,000.

The farmer, Jitendra Dhangar said that he went to Nashik this year and bought better quality seeds for a good onion crop. He was hoping that this year the crop would be good and his old losses would be covered, but he did not know that the thieves had an eye on his onion.

Additional SP of Mandsaur, Mankamna Prasad said that a report has been lodged of onion theft at Narayangarh police station. The police are investigating the matter and are looking for the thieves.

This is not the first case of onion theft in Madhya Pradesh. A few days ago, a truck filled with onions worth about Rs 20 lakhs had disappeared in Shivpuri. The truck was found after a police complaint, but the onion and the driver were missing.

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