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   Dr. Condoleeza Rice
Secretary of State,
United States Government
Washington, D.C.

RE: Denial of Diplomatic Visa and Revocation of Visitor's Visa for the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi

Dear Dr. Rice:

As a person of Indian origin, I am shocked and deeply disturbed by U.S. Government's denial of diplomatic visa to, and revocation of existing business/tourist visa of Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon. Chief Minister of State of Gujarat, India.

Mr. Modi is the Chief minister of a state with 60 million people who has been elected with thumping majority in a democratic election, which was observed by U.S. observers along with observers from other countries.

Mr. Modi has been denied diplomatic visa on the basis of section 212 (a)(2)(G) which 'requires to find the applicant ineligible for admission to the United States any foreign government official who has at any time been responsible for a particularly serious violation of another's religious freedom'.

I must bring to your attention that Mr. Modi has not even been charged by any court of law anywhere in the world, let alone be tried and convicted.

In America, we have a tradition of not acting on just 'wild accusations' but only on hard facts, and 'innocent until proven guilty in court', for our proper course of action on any matter.

Therefore to do justice to two million strong Indian community in the USA, I request you to reverse the decision regarding Mr. Modi's visa and assure the Indian community of fairness and justice, now and in the future, under your leadership at the State Department.


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