‘Remember 15th of December’: #ChaloJamia trends ahead of protest today

Since the anti–Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest started all over the country, students have been at the forefront of this carefully curated dissent.

On December 15, 2019, while the students of Jamia had come out on the streets to protest against the CAA, the Delhi police had resorted to violence to control the crowd.

The clash between the police and protestors resulted in several injured students and police officers. The students claimed that “certain” local elements had “disrupted” their protest and indulged in violence.

Many videos of the police chasing the students had gone viral during that time and one of them shared by NDTV had people shrinking their eyes. In the video, students of the Jamia University were seen hastily trying to find a safe space in the college’s library while loud firing and shattering sounds were heard.

The Delhi police had entered the University’s library claiming that some of the miscreants had entered the library to take shelter. However, the police did not have permission from the university authorities to enter the campus.

In the aftermath of the events, several students and police were severely injured. The police had detained at least 100 students that day.

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