Sharp drop in temp recorded across Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: Sharp drop in day temperature was recorded all over state on Sunday. State capital recorded 7 degree Celsius fall in last two days. Pachmarhi recorded 5 degree Celsius increase in night temperature. It was cloudy –foggy weather from morning shivering state capital.

On Sunday, Bhopal recorded a maximum temperature of 18.8 degree Celsius while it recorded a minimum temperature of 14.4 degree Celsius.

Indore recorded a maximum temperature of 18.0 degree Celsius while it recorded a minimum temperature of 11.8 degree Celsius.

As per meteorological department, dense fog with mist and haze, was observed over most parts during early morning hours. More rain is expected in East Madhya Pradesh like Satna, Umaria, Jabalpur and Sagar.

West Madhya Pradesh, however, will remain dry. In the wake of rains, the day temperatures have fallen by three to five degree Celsius over central and adjoining Madhya Pradesh as well as Southeast Madhya Pradesh. The mixing of air mass like dry and cool winds from the northwest and moist winds from the Arabian Sea merged over Central part of the country. The winds from two different directions gave rains over the region since the last two days. Another reason is the Trough extending from North Rajasthan up to Uttar Pradesh across the northern parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Cities Drop in Day temp (in last 24 hours)

Mandla 9.0°C

Umaria 8.0°C

Jabalpur 7.6°C

Seoni 7.0°C

Indore 6.4°C

Ujjain 5.0°C

Rajgarh 4.8°C

Sagar 4.5°C

Bhopal 4.0°C

Chhindwara 4.0°C

Shajapur 4.0°C

Raisen 4.0°C

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