Yediyurappa to follow Gujarat’s steps to reduce traffic fines in Karnataka

Bengaluru: The Karnataka is likely to follow the Gujarat government’s footsteps in slashing traffic fines, said Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) on Wednesday.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa will be studying the Gujarat model of revised traffic fines to implement something similar in Karnataka, reported by IndiaToday.

Deputy CM of Karnataka Govind Makthappa Karajol said bad roads don’t cause accidents but good roads do.

“Accidents don’t occur because of bad roads. It is because of good and safe roads that accidents take place. Our people drive at 120-160 kmph. Many accidents take place on highways. I won’t support exhorbitant fines. Our cabinet will discuss to how to re look into fines,” Govind Makthappa Karajol said, reported by IndiaToday.

He said this after a reporter asked Karajol whether the government should provide good roads before taking huge fine from commuters.

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